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Reina de León

My profesional beginnings  were on Pilates as a teacher and teacher trainer, among other fascinating fields that have given me the holistic perspective and a complete relationship between mind and body.

My evolution went towards the yoga world in which I’ve dedicated 15 years of experience in certified yoga ALLIANCE and F.E.DA. courses, I’ve also continued training myself, gathering great knowledge, and those who I still have to learn in this wonderful yoga world, always willing to continue learning and always happy to continue teaching.

Why private?

Because a personalized attention and an adaptation to your needs can bring out all your potential.

You’ll practice with a teacher with great experience dedicated exclusively to assist you, whether you are starting or you want to deepen in specific advanced techniques.

Private yoga classes

Whether you want to start in this fascinating world or you want to improve your practices, private yoga classes are for you. With an specialized attention, adapted to your needs, in a schedule that suits your agenda, it optimizes any training session.

You have a complicated Schedule and can’t make it to collective classes? We go to you whenever it suits you!

It’s never too late to start. No matter what your fitness level is, your age or your previous experience, private classes will adapt to you perfectly.

With an individual attention we will work on the precise alignment of each posture to correct bad habits and boost the good ones.


Different styles adapted to you

There’s a type of yoga for each need, based on if they work more on postures or asanas, breathing, flexibility and strength or meditation. Find out which one suits you best and start practicing to feel all of its benefits. You’ll love it!

Hatha Yoga

The most popular one. Perfect for breathing control and meditative state of mind.

Vinyasa Yoga

Meditation in a smooth and fluid movement. Perfect to learn how to relax in a dynamic way.

Yin Yoga

Get in shape holding up different postures; you’ll liberate tensions in your soft tissues and joints, and realign your body and mind.

Yoga during pregnancy

Highly recommended for mothers to be that wish to prepare physically and mentally for birth in the best shape.

Yoga post pregnancy

Suitable to get back to a perfect performance of body and mind after giving birth.

Restoring Yoga

Based on Hatha Yoga, it focuses on relaxation and breathing to provide a much needed wellness on our everyday.


Train your mind to prompt relaxation and self-knowledge.

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